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An Historical Stock Simulator, Maximizing Profits by Spotting Trends

Stock Trade Timing Booklet

A guide to understanding market movements,
helping investors spot trends to maximize profits

Introduction: Welcome to the exciting world of stock investing, whether you are new to trading or have decades of experience, in this program you will find helpful tools and instructions for anyone who has a desire to improve their skill at trading. This app is an historical stock simulator and instruction tool that is meant to be used to simulate the real world market environment and stock performance over time. Viewers can study past market movements and learn from the historical patterns for what to anticipate for future developments. In this app you will be able to advance through time through historical charts and practice placing trades. You'll be able to sell at anytime you desire and compare your results and performance with the major market indices (Dow). You'll be able to see how frequent trading helps or hurts performance and what systems work best for you. Most other stock simulators programs follow the market in real time and don't let the student study historical movements. Because of this, what in the past use to take months and years of practice in other virtual stock simulators can now be practiced in a very short period of time.

This written material is meant to go hand in hand with the app. I invite you to study the information here and practice the strategies presented. You'll learn how to identify pivot points and changes in momentum for when the market changes direction. After studying this material you will be able to easily spot trends in the market and place your trades in a more informed manner and thereby capitalize on market movements, when it is likely to go up or down.

The information presented is geared towards investors of all experience. I will briefly go over the fundamentals and how to use them in decision making. I will explain many ideas about technical analysis (or graph interpretation). For investors who are more experienced I encourage you to skip what's familiar but review concepts that you may be rusty on.

The material is a compilation of research and study of market charts, fundamentals, balance sheets, and literature. Much of the information contained will reflect the knowledge found in the books of many of the great investors and market gurus of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. The information I've presented here is out of the best books by the most succesful Wal-Streets traders. I strongly encourage each student to study each book that is referenced.

As we get started go ahead and relax get comfortable as I take you on an interesting and informative journey through the world of stock investing and stock trading.

Roger Rincon
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