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An Historical Stock Simulator, Maximizing Profits by Spotting Trends

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Why risk money in the market? Practice first using our app

We offer an historical stock chart simulator which shows the day to day movements of stocks, the market, and etfs. Currently there are three stocks and etfs to choose from. The etfs mirror the Dow Jones at 1x the market and 2x the market. There is an etfs that shorts the Dow as well. The software is now available at a fraction of the cost of similar products.

For only $13.88 you can gain access to the historical simulator.

No need to risk money in the market until your ready.
Gain practice in your trading strategy today!
30 days use when you purchase access through paypal.

The Purpose of an Historic Stock Simulator

Active investors of all experiences are constantly fighting two different voices;

The voice of fear which can be a paralyzing feeling. Fear can lead them to question their timing, their interpretation of market conditions, their strategies, and to inaction when action needs to be taken, such as when it is crucial to cut a loss. Fear can also lead the investor into exiting too early before a profit has had a chance to be reached.
The other voice active investors often deal with is the voice of overconfidence. Overconfidence can manifest itself when the investor ignores what the market is saying and holds fast to their long positions when they should be short or vice versa.

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Gain Practice Before Risking

Now you can study historical patterns of stocks and gain familiarity before risking any hard earned money in the market. This software was designed to be used for any type of investor or student, but it is even more helpful for the active growth investors. There is something for everyone!

For in depth instructions on how to use the app:
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